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This course is made by Jaiprakash Pandey with AutoCAD 2016 but it is equally helpful for older as well as newer versions of AutoCAD. If you are a student then you can download free student version of AutoCAD here with a three-year educational license.

AutoCAD 2D Tutorial

Part 2 Creating Drawings Lesson files 
1 Line command 03:55 min
2 Circle command 03:41 min
3 Rectangle Command 02:57 min
4 Polygon Command 03:18 min
Quiz Creating Drawing Quiz
Part 3 Modifying and Manipulating Drawings Lesson files 
1 Making Selection Sets 02:43 min
2 Move and Copy commands 02:40 min
3 Rotate and Scale 06:39 min
4 Offset and Mirror Command 03:51 min
5 Trim and Extend Command 05:18 min
6 Fillet and Chamfer Commands 07:59 min
7 Rectangular Array 03:48 min
8 Polar Array 04:09 min
Quiz Modifying and Manipulating Drawings Quiz
Part 4 Drawing Tools Lesson files 
1 Understanding Co-Ordinate system 06:14 min
2 Polar and Ortho mode 04:34 min
3 Dynamic Input 03:35 min
4 Object Snap 06:33 min
5 Object Snap Tracking 02:06 min
6 Creating Hatches 05:24 min
Quiz Drawing Tools Quiz
Part 7 Preparing Layout and Plotting Lesson files 
1 Preparing Layout and adding Title Block 04:18 min
2 Plotting Drawing 06:54 min
Quiz Preparing Layout and Plotting Quiz

AutoCAD 3D Tutorial

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