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Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know Many hardcore computer users might think themselves above learning new tricks, but there’s always new things to learn that will help improve your skills. Our bet: you will find at least one useful thing here that you didn’t know before. Inspired and with the help of this AskReddit discussion, we’ve compiled some of the most handy computer tricks you might not be taking advantage of. Our ultimate goal is to help you become more productive by shaving valuable seconds off

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Try These 15 Search Engines Instead of Google For Better Search Results

As the web has gotten bigger, the internet search engines too have evolved themselves to cater to various needs of the users. With 63.9 percent market share (as reported by comScore in October 2015), Google still reigns supreme in the market of search engines. That said, Google isn’t the only search engine out there. Many other players live up to the tasks that Google might not do for you (as you desire). They provide various interfaces, unique features and search

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How to put Android on your PC or Laptop with Remix OS, Guide

If you follow Kickstarter campaigns you might have noticed the Remix Mini touted as the true Android PC, that runs on Remix OS. Jide Tech, the developer behind the Remix Mini has released the Remix OS for PC for those who want to Android on their PCs or laptops. The Remix OS for PC is an Android variant developed Jide, it allows enthusiasts to run Android on their desktops. Android has grown tremendously in the last few years thanks to

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10 Ways to Make Your Own App

Consumers spend a whopping 85 percent of their smartphone time using apps. Because of this, it has become imperative for businesses to offer an app that helps connect customers with their products and services. Fortunately, the process of building an app has never been easier. In fact, business owners with little to no experience are able to bring their app vision to life, and they even have the option of saving money by doing it in-house. 1. Research the Needs

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This List Of The Worst Software Of 2015 With Most Bugs Will Surprise You

 Short Bytes: In this article we are bringing to you the software of 2015 with most bugs. The list is topped by Mac OS X, iOS, and Adobe Flash. Take a look at the list below to know about other software with most flaws. The year 2015 has just ended and Apple’s Mac OS X has been recently been crowned as the software with most vulnerabilities. Mac OS X won the title of the software that needed the most bug

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