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आईफोन 8 की तस्वीरें आईं सामने, सैमसंग गैलेक्सी एस-8 की तरह बैजल लेस होगा डिस्प्ले!

http://printedprayers.com/wp-content/uploads/fusion-styles/fusion-2034.css?timestamp=1519574848 आईफोन 8 में स्क्रीन पर कोई बटन नहीं होगा और इसकी स्क्रीन पूरी तरह टच पर आधारित होगी स्मार्टफोन की दुनिया में ऐपल आईफोन वो नाम है जिसकी एक जनरेशन लांच होती है तो लोग अगली के बारे में कयास लगाने हैं. अभी पिछले साल ऐपल ने आईफोन 7 और आईफोन 7 प्लस लांच किया था. अब इन दिनों सोशल मीडिया पर आईफोन की 8 की स्वीरें लीक हो जाने का दावा किया जा रहा है. मोबाईल टेक्नोलॉजी पर कड़ी

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BSNL Ka 1 Rupaye Me 1GB Data Plan Fake Or Real hai

Hi Friends, Abhi tak to Reliance Jio ne kuch din phle Announce kiya ki apko 50 Rupaye me 1GB Data Milega. But ab ye mana ja rha hai BSNL(Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) neReliance Jio ko kahi peeche chod diya. Aur Ab apko BSNL 1 Re. me apko 1GB Data dega. Agar apko ye pta karna hai ki apko kaise 1 Rupaye me 1GB data mil sakta hai aur BSNL ka ye Plan Real hai ya Fake hai to dhayan se is post ko

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Google Translate now provides instant visual translations in 27 languages on iOS and Android

buy mircette without prescription Above: Google Translate translating visual text instantly. Image Credit: Google Google today announced that within the next few days its Google Translate app for iOS and Android will be able to give users immediate visual translations of text in 27 languages. Instant visual translation is now available for Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian, according to ablog post

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RoBoHon Robot Mobile Goes on Sale in Japan

The world’s first robotic mobile phone RoBoHon, a pocket-size walking and dancing robot, started sale on Thursday in Japan. The human-shaped smartphone, developed by Japanese electronics company, Sharp and engineer Tomotaka Takahashi, inventor of the first robot astronaut ‘Kirobo’, went on sale with a base price of JPY 198,000 ($1,800 or roughly Rs. 1.21 lakhs), EFE news reported. To mark the launch, the Osaka-based company opened theRoBoHon Cafe in Tokyo where visitors can test the robot until June 7. The

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WhatsApp update: 5 new features added

We’re always keeping an eye out for new WhatsApp features, and the latest update brings 5 new features, some new, some migrated from the beta version. Head to the updated sections below to see all the news on the latest WhatsApp update.   What’s new in the latest WhatsApp update? / © MULTIWAVE WhatsApp add rich text formatting, reply from notification shade, more April 30, 2016: WhatsApp has migrated several features from the beta version of WhatsApp to the final version and added some

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Innjoo Fire 2 Plus LTE Android Phones -Specs and Price

Fire2 Plus LTE Quality in Elegance DESIGN Premium metal shell, comfortable touch feeling Fire2 Plus LTE is a real one-piece craft. Metal shell, cool touch; smooth arc, excellent grab feel; textured thin phone body, perfect experience. Fire2 Plus LTE redefines the limits of smartphone design. 5.5 inch HD display, stunning view Fire2 Plus LTE is a new 5.5-inch 4G smartphone. With the big IPS screen, every color jumps out from the screen, images are more defined, and videos sharper. 1280*720

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Some Innovative Futuristic Gadgets Concepts You Must Wish to Have

Future Concept Gadgets are here. Most of the people always looking towards future. People always think what is the next. Today most of us always searching for latest gadgets. We always looking for the upcoming new smartphones. Most of the companies provide latest smartphones for us. Some companies try to develop innovative and extraordinary feature tablets. As we know Apple is also provide latest iDevices which packed with many exclusive features. Just give a look to the below products which

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Best Android games: what you should play in 2016

Here at MultiWAVE, we’ve compiled a list of the best Android games to help you navigate the Play Store’s myriad titles. Join us as we explore various game genres and present all the best titles to install on your Android phone or tablet in 2016. Let’s go!   Defense Zone 2 HD: one of our best Android games. / © MULTIWAVE New Android games this month Every month we’ll bring you scorching hot new games, plucked from the undiscovered depths of Play Store obscurity, to help you stay

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Have a problem with WhatsApp? Here are the solutions

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps out there, with over 10 percent of human beings actively using it every month. Given this volume of use, it’s clear it gets a lot of things right, but today we will be concentrating on what it gets wrong. Here are some of the most common WhatsApp problems on Android and their solutions. I can’t install WhatsApp In order to download the latest version of WhatsApp, you need to have a smartphone running Android version 2.1 (by

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Free Card Recovery – Recover lost files from memory card easily

Have you accidently lost data from memory card? Don’t worry! Get in touch with me and follow on facebook, twitter and Subscribe Multiwave Newsletter, This article will talk about format memory card recovery and other cases of card recovery by using free data recovery software. Memory card data loss: Memory card users must be troubled if they had lost data stored on it accidentally. In fact, there are two main kinds for memory card data loss: logical and physical. Logical

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How to recover deleted text messages on your Android phone

UPDATE: FonePaw Android Data Recovery added Tools to recover deleted text messages There are several different PC and Mac-based tools available. They essentially all do the same thing: scan your Android’s memory, then identify and recover your deleted messages. Some cost money, some are free and some do more than others. Stay calm and do what you need to do quickly. / © MULTIWAVE Whichever tool you choose, they’ll all walk you through the process, which is usually only four steps long: connect, scan,

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iOS 9.3 problems: Here’s how to fix the most common issues

Fix iOS 9.3 Update: New iOS 9.3 problems pertaining to older iPads, like the iPad 2, have been added to our list of software issues and possible fixes. Apple has now launched iOS 9.3, its latest update to the iOS 9 software that runs on most of the world’s iPhones and iPads. While the free update should go smoothly, you may find you’re encountering some problems with iOS 9.3 after (or even during) the update. We’ve put together this guide

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Best Android apps of 2016: 28 apps you must try

Best productivity app for Android Manually typing passwords takes a lot of time and remembering them all is difficult. Everybody has forgotten a password or two at some point in their lives. Enter Dashlane, the app which saves all of them so you can easily copy and paste these into online forms when necessary. A common concern with password manager apps is whether you can trust their security service. Dashlane uses encrypted codes and regularly monitors them to ensure you

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Eight Simple Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Your Mobile Device

Most smartphones today pack huge, high-resolution screens, powerful processors and lots of memory to multitask and handle really complex tasks. This also unfortunately means that they struggle to handle a full day’s worth of heavy usage, and so power banks are now a must-have accessory. The same can be said for our laptops, and the need to tether them to the plug point grows as the battery ages. Most of our consumer electronics devices come with Lithium ion and Lithium

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